Saturday May 18th, 4 Global Underwater Explorer divers set out to do a reconnaissance dive on the Osborne Tire Reef.

Robert Carmicahel and Poalo Passalacqua just "landed" on the Osborne Tire Reef, photographed by Mikkel Pitzner

Robert Carmichael, Paolo Passalacqua and Mikkel Pitzner were carrying out the dive while Ted Cole would maneuver the boat and and follow the divers through out the planned route.

Robert Carmichael had planned out a specific dive plan with a specific route in mind. Also a number of goals were set for the dive and these included:

  • Drop down near the South West edge of the tire reef, film and photograph the site at this spot
  • Pick 3 random tires and test deployment and idea for retrieval procedure with newly and purpose designed lift bag, measure the time spent for this
  • Then scooter North bound for 10-13 minutes which should correlate to about the North perimeter of the tire reef
  • From this point, turn and head West to the natural reef at around 20feet depth
  • Look out for migrating tires if any along the route away from the actual tire reef and observe status quo and possible presence of tires on the reef

In brief the dive was very successful and productive as all goals were met.

We got still shots and video, tested the retrieval method and the lift bags as well as the retrieval of said lift bags.

More on this story and what the purpose of this reconnaissance dive and the tests to come in near future.

Heaps of tires at the Osborne Tire Reef near Fort Lauderdale

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