The initial Project Baseline Projects

Below are just a few of the earliest Projects that has been started
under the Project Baseline idea. Many more has since the below was
listed got started and even more are bound to be added in future,
including Your Project.

Project Baseline & Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP)

Project Baseline utilizes a working template developed during twenty
years of exploration, education and conservation initiatives within the
fresh water ecosystems of northern Florida. These actions focused public
awareness on one of Florida’s most renowned State Parks (Wakulla
Springs). GUE initiatives and the persistent support of our affiliate
Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP) were critical in convincing the
city of Tallahassee to spend approximately 250 million dollars revamping
their waste water practices. This landmark success demonstrates the
tremendous power of well organized volunteers and serves as a template
for communities across the globe.

The Lake Tahoe

The Lake Tahoe site will endeavor to share with the viewer the rich
environmental, cultural, historical and maritime history that Tahoe
enjoys. Known as the “Jewel of the Sierra”, Lake Tahoe is designated as
an Outstanding National Resource Water, which is a special designation
under the Clean Water Act, because of its clarity and water quality.

New Millennium Dive Expeditions and the Tahoe Divers Conservancy will
now begin a focused effort to document the true condition of the lake
by reporting strictly on the conditions personally observed while
submerged from the nearshore down to 500 feet.  Much has been reported
as to the efforts of various agencies trying to protect the lake and in
some cases there is truth and in other cases denial.  We will provide
baseline information and let the viewer make the ultimate decision.

The North Adriatic Sea project

The North Adriatic Sea project is the effort of UWFrontiers in
Trieste, Italy, designed to document, monitor and help protect the North
Adriatic Sea from environmental degradation. As is often the case,
local divers have gradually noticed that within the same dive site, they
no longer see lobsters or sea bass or other species that have been
observed in the past. When a comparison is made by those who dove the
same area 10 or 20 years ago, the difference becomes huge.

This layer contains documentation of over 25 wrecks in the northern Adriatic sea, and also features 3-D modeling of ships.

Project Baseline The Netherlands

Project Baseline: The Netherlands invites you to take a look into the
full range of aquatic environments Holland has to offer. The current
setup serves as a platform for multiple baseline projects in the
Netherlands, and enables teams all over the country to monitor their own
local site and upload data into the project. There is no limit to the
possibilities; from fresh water quarries, lakes and rivers to the
shipwrecks of the sea. The PB: Netherlands community develops and shares
its knowledge, tools, standards and methods to be able to compare
results all over all of the individual sub-projects.

Project Baseline Gulfstream

And naturally there is the Project Baseline Gulfstream chapter which you can read about on this website here.

More Projects

More projects all over the world is bound to appear and we move
forward and as the initiative gathers momentum and support from locals
all over. You too can be a valuable part of the initiative. Your
reports, images and videos will be valuable contributions to our

In other words, we encourage you to be part of this Project Baseline
so that over time we will all have able data, images and reports that
can help us get insights to the state of our waters and how they are
affected by time and how we treat Planet Earth.

You can check back on the main Project Baseline website to catch up on further additions to the endeavor.