SciTech Central produced a small video not too long ago about the Triton submarine and how researchers and explorers such as Project Baseline can make use of it in their work in the aquatic realm.

Paraphrasing here from one of the founders of Project Baseline, Robert Carmichael, he keys us in on why establishing a visual Baseline is so important:

By accumulating data through many similar outings Project Baseline expects to establish a universal point of reference for the quality of the aquatic environment.

“The sooner we create a stable baseline pictorially and scientifically, we will be able to monitor at a very effective level, where everybody in the community, whether they have a scientific college degree or not, they’ll get it.”

It’s the visual nature of Project Baseline’s evidence that makes it so powerful.

“The people that don’t dive and experience the water like we do, need to understand the impact of what’s going on from what we do in our everyday lives and how it is affecting two thirds of our planet. The great universities and researchers all over the world have volumes of data that explains exactly what’s going on. But no one listens and no one reads to the degree that’s necessary to cause an emotional response to the general public.”

An image causes a visceral reaction.”


Watch the video here: