Suzanne’s Ledge

Suzanne’s Ledge is located at Pompano Beach about half a mile from shore and about three-quarters of a mile north of the Pompano Beach Pier and is 15-30 feet deep with about 5 feet of relief.

Most divers refer to this reef tract as the inner reef, when in fact this reef is growing on top of what scientist refer to as a ridge complex. The main ledge actually faces to the east, and runs parallel to the shore. Suzanne’s ledge is actually a continuation of the same tract as the Pompano Drop Off. Mooring Buoys were placed on the ridge in 2008. You’ll see lots of juvenile species, schooling bait fish and tarpon on occasion.

There are lots of small nooks and crannies, perfect for lobster to hide in. You may see an occasional moray eel sticking its head out. There can be good shelling on the inside of the reef ledge in the sand flats, especially after some of the winter storms which bring strong northeast winds. You may also find clusters of stag horn corals towards the West.

Fort Lauderdale has been named in the Top Five Places To Dive In North America by the readers of Scuba Diving Magazine and is the perfect location to start exploring the ocean with family and friends. Fort Lauderdale has the largest number of dive sites along the coast of Southeast Florida with over 100 reef and wreck sites.

However with dredging and beach projects continuing to take place, these reefs may have a bleak future as very coarse, aggregate and loose migratory sands will flow to the reefs and cover the corals and kill them. This would destroy the reefs that are actually protecting the beaches.

Divers Blake and Robert Carmichael from Project Baseline Gulfstream performed a dive on the 1st reef to Suzanne’s Ledge and captured this telling footage:


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In the video you can get a very clear impression o the problem of the migratory sand that covers the corals.


Suzanne’s Ledge is one of the Project Baseline Gulfstream sites that will be monitored over time to study, monitor and report the development and health of the reef.

If you by chance are diving this or other locations, we invite you to share your dive reports, images and video with us. Project Baseline is a non-for-profit initiative encouraging all to participate in the data collection and monitoring of sites. Please reach out to us and contact us via this website to inquire further.

Navigation: Depending on the current (usually very little) start on the north or south ball and follow the eastern ledge.

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