At last it is official; the Gulfstream chapter of the Global Underwater Explorer’s initiative Project Baseline is finally launched with the website www.projectbaselinegulfstream

The image below shows a screenshot of the newly launched website in
it’s very early stage, so by the time any outside visitors find their
way to the site, it has probably already changed it’s appearance.



By gathering true documentation, it is our hope that we will
eventually learn more about our waters and the effects people,
pollutants and anything else have on the water quality and marine life
and we hope that the efforts may also contribute to a heightened
awareness that we need to care better for our environment and the legacy
we leave behind. is the home of the Gulfstream chapter of the Project Baseline initiative and has been initiated by Global Underwater Explorer divers Robert Carmichael, Errol Kalayci, Bill Mee and Mikkel Pitzner. The Gulfstream chapter will seek to cover information gathering from the vast region stemming from the Caribbean islands in the south to the north of Florida.


We welcome your support and aid in gathering reports, images and
videos from any location within this vast area. Our initiative is
currently funded by our own and private donations to the efforts, but
naturally we will welcome any donations and considerations that you the
reader may have which may help cover some of the expenses that we
encounter in carrying out our initiative.