South Florida’s very unique Everglades is home to a vast array of plants and animals that Florida is known for and represents a truly fascinating and rare ecosystem. It also acts as a very important natural filtration system for the groundwater. The expansion of the urban areas is clear to see from the images above that shows the area now compared with same 30 years ago. The effects of such expansion along with the effects of heavy use of farmland fertilizers and other pollutants can be devastating to the livelihood that we will leave behind.

Changes In The Everglades Over The Past 30 Years

Project Baseline seeks to engage every diver who wish to participate in monitoring the state of their dive sites by photographing, videotaping, and reporting on a regular basis. It is the intent to gather all the data to be available for all via the powerful Google Earth and by bringing everybody in to participate, valuable and abundant data will become available for scientific studies and could help clarify what the situation really is and how rapidly our waters are deteriorating.

By heightening awareness, collecting abundant real data, we are hopeful that the efforts of Project Baseline may instill changes in our behaviors, legislations or other forms that could better the future outlook for our waters and our globe. So once again please be a part of this movement and aid us in these important efforts.

What legacy do you wish to leave behind?