The Erojack Reef of Dania Beach has now been added to the list of Project Baseline that is being monitored by the Gulfstream chapter.

The reef is easily accessible from the beach and makes for a great beach dive and attracts a lot of divers.

We are hopeful that s awareness of Project Baseline Gulfstream and our activities are spreading that more and more people (i.e. potentially YOU) will step up to the task of helping in the efforts of monitoring these sites over time.

It doesn’t take much to monitor a site so if you are already doing the dives, whatever you experience on your dive can become of real value to the collective efforts.

What you would normally put into your divelog is what we are mostly after, such as temperature at depth, visibility measure, any observations, current, fish count – anything that you remark.

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And then of course if you did get images and/or videos they become very welcomed as they truly speak a thousand words.

Video above from the same dive as the still images is kindly borrowed from Brownie’s Marine Group with their permission.