Photo Credit – All Rights Reserved: Mikkel Pitzner

We all heard it before – a picture tells a thousand words – and it’s so true.

When you talk to someone about upwards two million tires dumped into the Ocean, literally just yards from the beach they might be frequenting for leisure, often you are met with incredulous looks and even frowns that seem to say you must be joking.

Many people don’t get to see it for them selves and many people don’t dive. But the tires are there and the tires cause serious problems for the natural reefs. That’s why images from the dives that Project Baseline Gulfstream performs are so important. To raise awareness and instill public interest is part of our
goal. The images are key to this end.

Therefore it’s with pleasure that we can also announce that the first two galleries were posted on our website yesterday. (ED: Please note this site has recently undergone a rebuild seeing it was deleted, so the galleries are not yet available at this time (December 13, 2018), but check back later and I am sure we will have galleries up).

Remember also that Project Baseline Gulfstream invites you too to participate in monitoring the waters around us. By capturing images repeatedly over time of locations wherever you dive and visit a very good baseline can be established from which it can be monitored if conditions improve or degrade further. The
information will be collected and will be shared freely with everyone, including the decision makers of policies as well as scientists and biologists who may be able to use the data in important work. Please explore this website further to learn more and contact us if you have questions or interest in setting your your sites for observation.

Photo Credit – All Rights Reserved: Mikkel Pitzner